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Spanish a tu Gusto is intensive conversational Spanish bolstered by traditional textbook learning in a casual environment which encourages active participation. It appeals to motivated students who like a multifaceted approach to learning, students with a passion for Latin American travel, students who want to learn Spanish that is relevant to their daily lives. Your tuition includes email and phone support.

PRIVATE CLASSES in Northeast San Antonio area are ongoing. We meet in coffee shops, taquerías, fruterías, etc. with the option for outings such as movies, plays, museums, music, dance lessons and happy hour. I also enjoy teaching via Skype. This is easy to set up and is a real timesaver for busy people! Please email for information

GROUP CLASSES in Northeast San Antonio are forming soon! Please email for information

Beginner - for motivated beginners and those who wish to review the basics before soaring to a new level. Beginners progress very quickly in my classes.

High Beginner -  Ideal for those with some previous study or travel experience who want to refresh and enrich their vocabulary and verb arsenal. Past tense and beyond, depending on class level.

Intermediate/Advanced - All the above plus extensive practice with increasingly complex subject matter and verb tenses such as the subjunctive.

Student Feedback:

You have, without a doubt, been the most considerate and interested teacher that has ever taught me Spanish. And I did start taking lessons in 7th grade June you are a joy and you have the patience of Job! I have learned a lot. I understand the preterite and the Imperfect, which I did not before. And a lot of other things that were confusing, I now understand.

I am very impressed with the way you handle and conduct the class, the way you key into all of us and each of us. Bless your heart June- You GOOD, Girlfriend! -
Paisley "Perejil" Robertson

Thanks for your erudition, your patience, and your skill at trying to drag us güeros into learning Spanish.
- Ben Sargent, editorial cartoonist, Austin American-Statesman

June’s classes have moved me along quickly - learning the basics of Spanish grammar, applying them in conversation, and having fun the whole time.  It’s been great to make so much progress in such a comfortable environment. - Marcia Ball, Austin blues musician

You are an excellent teacher, and I not only got a lot out of it, I really enjoyed the experience. Your enthusiasm is infectious. - Peggy Fikac, Deputy Bureau Chief, San Antonio Express-News

Es la mejor clase de idiomas que he tomado en los diez años pasados. - Margot A. (Spanish is her fourth language!)

Since I am a shy person I was scared to take this class. Nevertheless, you made it both charming and informative. I will love to keep on learning from you in the future. - Norma C.

The Saturday beginner class comparing notes on a project.   
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